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Elliz Clothing - cutting edge alternative fashion

Elliz Clothing ® is an innovative streetwear brand from Dominican Republic with a worldwide distribution, founded by artist Elisa Féliz. We offer a unique apparel for men and women, bringing you the coolest counterculture trends in the best quality. High-end in low prices.

Our brand appeals to audiences who appreciate art and extreme sports, members of every subculture in which is customary to wear novelty alternative fashion: Rockers, bikers, skaters, BMX and Motocross riders, MMA fighters, etc. Our products range from clothing to footwear, headwear, accessories, home decor and skateboards.

Our products are dispatched from facilities in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, México, China, Latvia and Dominican Republic.

2014 Elliz Clothing Group Photoshoot in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

2014 Elliz Clothing Runway Volition Fashion, Hard Rock Café Myrtle Beach.


• 2020 Lux Life Achievement Awards
Best Streetwear Brand of the American continent
• 2019 A-Design Award
• 2018 Best of Dover Business Award
Business Services category


América: United States, Canada, México, Dominican Republic
Europe: United Kingdom, Latvia
Asia: China


11025 Westlake Dr
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
United States

Our story

Elliz Clothing was founded in 2007, while our CEO, Elisa Féliz, was still attending highschool, so by the time ellizclothing.com launched she was still too young to register the brand and had to wait to do so.

The project was kept secret during the first years, since she was bullied at school for having an alternative style. She kept quiet about starting what was to be the first ever alternative clothing line in the DR. She started programming the web, designing the products and creating the branding during her spare time.

Because our founder is against that popular saying about “starting from the bottom”, she started from midway by launching an online store with products shipped worldwide, dispatched by a german partner company with facilities in the US and Europe. The first model photographed by our founder for the advertising was her cousin, Sonia.

Today,  Elliz Clothing is an award winning fashion brand and our products can be found in over 50 internet marketplaces and in retail stores in the DR, including the D’Jovenes and Blue Country Jeans branch stores.

The team

Elliz Clothing Founder Elisa Feliz

Elisa Féliz

Founder / CEO

Elisa is a professional comic artist/writer best known for being the illustrator of the comic series "Charmed" based on the tv show by CBS and published by Zenescope Entertainmet. Apart from Elliz Clothing, she also owns a comic publisher called Xside Comics. For our brand, she is the administrator, fashion designer, main photographer, graphic designer, publicist and webdesigner.


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